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  ReadingCab.com are dedicated to providing a quality service.
All our drivers are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked and have been
serving our customers for many years.

Each of our taxi cabs are licensed by Reading Borough Council or an
appropriate local authority.

ReadingCab.com are a local company setup to provide a friendly service within
Reading and the surrounding areas to any destination in the UK

We provide demonstrations of our equipment and accessibility solutions

All of our employees are interviewed and thoroughly checked for suitability.
Our taxis are cleaned at least twice a week and usually more frequently.
The drivers we used are courtious and helpful.

If you believe that you have not received a better service than that provided by
any other taxi firm, then please contact us, so that we can improve our service.

Outlined below are our driver's standard's. Please contact us by email if you believe they have not been met.

  • Driver should wear clean formal clothes to work.
  • Badges must be worn and displayed at all times whilst working.
  • The taxis should be kept clean and pleasant to travel in.
  • Violence is not tollerated.
  • Inappropriate language should not be used
  • Customers should be treated with general respect
  • The disabled ramp and extension should always be used when needed
  • Suitable speed should be maintained at all times within safe and legal limits
  • Drivers should be generally gygienic
  • The car should not be driver freehand.
  • Phones should only be used with Bluetooth connections or when the vehicle is stationary.
  • When passwngers are in the cab social phone calls should not be made.
  • Racism will not be tollerated.
  • Treat all other drivers with respect.
  • Endeavour to save fuel and look after the environment where possible.
  • Ensure bad odours are not introduced into the vehicle.
  • No social communication on the radio loop.
  • Drivers will have received training, updates on changes and an information pack before starting to drive for us.

Health and Safety
Always striving to make health and safety our number one priority!
  1. We aim to provide a safe and comfortable journey ensuring that our clients arrive safely at their destination
  2. Drivers are advised to take passengers the safest route and to obey all road and speed regulations
  3. We adopt a strict no smoking policy in all our vehicles.
  4. When dropping off any children, women or potentially vulnerable passengers after dark, drivers are advised to wait
    until the passenger has entered their destination before leaving
  5. Drivers are asked to advise passengers to observe the wearing of seat belts as some passengers may not be
    aware of current regulations.

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